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PT Mega Kreasi Ekatama Appreciate Priority Infrastructure Development in Indonesia

by Sebastianus Epifany Friday, October 20, 2017 - 17:24

JAKARTA - Indonesian government focus on developing various priority infrastructures has received positive appreciation from various parties, one of them is PT Mega Kreasi Ekatama. This is due to the development of infrastructure in Indonesia gives an economic impact for the company.

Rizky Hasanuddin, Marketing Manager of PT Mega Kreasi Ekatama revealed this in an interview with Infrastructure Asia Online (19/10/17). He said, "The development of infrastructure in Indonesia certainly gives economic impact to PT Mega Kreasi Ekatama because all infrastructure projects require cables."

Cable is one of the main needs of a building. Specifically, Rizky explained that cable quality ensures the safe operation of every industrial building, high rise building, residential buildings and minimize downtime caused by poor conductivity, rat pests, and poor insulation.

Rizky Hasanuddin also explained that the demand for cables will always exist following the existing needs by expressing, "The demand of cable market will always be in line with the increasing of Power Demand from the Industry sector, housing, street lighting, remote villages electricity, and others."

PT Mega Kreasi Ekatama is a leading cable stockist majorly top five local cable brand and quality imported cables. Flagship products of PT Mega Kreasi Ekatama include brands of Industrial Grade cables like: Supreme, Kabel Metal Indonesia, Kabelindo, Jembo, Prysmian, Multi, Voksel, Belden, Nexans, SMI, LAPP, Extrana, First Cable, Top Cable.

"We offer Industrial Grade cables (Standard SNI & IEC / International Electrical Code), so it is safe to apply in Power Plant, Factory New Built, High Rise Building," said Rizky Hasanuddin while explaining that PT Mega Kreasi Ekatama target is become a "one-stop solution" for every new inbuilt project, adding machines/power from existing clients and new clients, and this is always achieved every year.

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