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The Important Role of Infrastructure for Improving Human Resources

by Sebastianus Epifany Monday, May 22, 2017 - 14:34

JAKARTA - Finance Minister of the Republic of Indonesia Sri Mulyani Indrawati emphasised the importance of infrastructure for the improvement of human resources. This was revealed when she became the inspector of the National Revival Day (Hari Kebangkitan Nasional) ceremony in Jakarta.

Infrastructure is indeed one of the focus of the Indonesian government led by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). This is intended to create equitable development throughout the country.

"We continue to create equity of development through the focus of state spending on infrastructure and improve the quality of human resources," said Sri Mulyani as reported from today (22/05/2017).

She explained that infrastructure development is a very strategic thing to support connectivity while improving the quality of human resources is intended so that employees can think ahead in the competition era.

Therefore, Sri Mulyani ensured that the APBN (State Budget) instrument will be used to encourage equitable distribution of development throughout the region, to border areas, so that the ideals of a just, prosperous and just Indonesia can be achieved.

"Reforms from the taxation side mandate to improve performance from the revenue side, as well as improve distribution as well. The Ministry of Finance may use fiscal instruments in realising the ideals of a just and prosperous Indonesia, " she said.

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