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Budi Karya Sumadi Optimistic with NYIA Development Progress

by Sebastianus Epifany Monday, October 9, 2017 - 14:25

YOGYAKARTA - Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi made a visit to Yogyakarta Special Region to ensure the progress of the Yogyakarta International Airport (NYIA) - Kulon Progo Airport development on Sunday (8/10). He is optimistic that the airport infrastructure development could go well.

New Yogyakarta International Airport (NYIA) in Kulon Progo is built on an area of 587 hectares with funding from private parties. The airport will have a terminal of 130 thousand square meters with a capacity of up to 10 million passengers per year, with a runway of 3,250 meters, and an apron with 28 aircraft units.

"I came here to ensure the progress of New Yogyakarta International Airport (NYIA) - Kulon Progo Airport development is running well," said Budi Karya Sumadi as reported from (9/10/17).

More details he explained that this project will encourage people in Yogyakarta and hope it could support Yogyakarta to become the second largest tourist destination after Bali. He believes local wisdom can encourage foreign tourists to visit Yogyakarta.

Budi Karya Sumadi especially appreciated PT. Angkasa Pura I, which has been planning the concept, one of which is the development of kampung wisata in support of airport development. To facilitate transportation, the NYIA is expected to integrate with the kedundang train station.

"Hopefully there will be an integration from Kulon Progo train station to the train station in Yogyakarta, not in Tugu but in another place, or it could be in Lempuyangan train station. If it should be at Lempunyangan Railway Station so it will need an additional new building," said Budi Karya Sumadi.

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