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Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung (JIPS) Inserts a Moral Value in its Landmark

by Sebastianus Epifany Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 13:30

DEMAK, CENTRAL JAVA – Usually, a commercial place has a special character that the people are easy to remember and know it. Various ways are taken by the owner so that the place is unique, anti-mainstream and it could be an icon. For instance, a special character is shown through the shape of the building, special alphabet, symbol, culture and some others.

PT Jawa Tengah Lahan Andalan, which is the developer of Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung (JIPS), has deeply arranged a master plan. This planning of development has been executed and it will be running then. Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung (JIPS), a new industrial estate in Indonesia is going to have a landmark with “JL” letter. If it is seen in detail, the shape of “JL” letter will make a perception as a shape of “ren” in Chinese letter, that means human or people.

Being inspired by moral value in Indonesian culture, that includes various origins and culture, the Commissioner of PT Jawa Tengah Lahan Andalan, Ferry Firmawan, Ph.D , explains that the landmark of “ren” letter that will be in Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung (JIPS) has a meaning of “humanize”. It has a very comprehensive implementation. Both internally and externally, PT Jawa Tengah Lahan Andalan commits to manifest the moral values in “ren” philosophy about respect, sincere, trust, competent and tolerant.

The moral value about “humanize” is also manifested in “excellent service” for tenants, cutomers and all related public who have important roles for the success of Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung (JIPS) development. By the moral value that is implemented in “excellent service”, expectedly, it could be a pleasant atmosphere for investors who expand their business in Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung.

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