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Property Growth in 2018 Will Be Assisted By Infrastructure Acceleration

by Sebastianus Epifany Monday, February 5, 2018 - 15:08

JAKARTA - President Director of Bank Tabungan Negara, Maryono, said that the projection of economic growth in 2018 set by the government of 5,4 percent will be helped by the acceleration of infrastructure development initiative, which will have a positive impact on the property sector growth this year.

Property sector growth in recent years tends to slow. Therefore, the impact of infrastructure development which is expected to increase the property sector growth can provide hope for the stretch of the property sector in Indonesia.

As reported from (5/2/2018), Maryono, the President Director of Bank Tabungan Negara revealed, "The One Million House program acceleration will boost economic growth because the growth of the property sector that follows the improvement of national infrastructure can give multiplier effects to economic growth."

Maryono stated that the implementation of the election of regional heads (Pilkada) simultaneously or the Asian Games 2018 title will also be the driving factor for the growth of property sector 2018. "The property sector this year will experience a positive contraction in line with the projected economic growth," he said.

Maryono revealed, until the end of 2017, Bank BTN has disbursed housing loans reached Rp 140 trillion (unaudited) or increased 20,41 percent (year-on-year). At the One Million House Program, until the end of last year has disbursed credit of Rp 71, 34 trillion to 666,806 units of homes from the target of 666,000 units.

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