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Safe-Investment Concept by Capital Suites

by Jonathan Cohen Thursday, August 9, 2018 - 16:14

Jakarta - Capitol Group as one of the developers in Indonesia is introducing one of its flagship product Capitol Suites which located on Prajurit KKO Usman and Harun Street, Central of Jakarta.

Capito Suites was built on a 4019 m2 area which includes 1 apartment tower, 2 basement, and 279 units start from Studio type, 2 bedrooms, and 3 bedrooms. Now, Capitol Suites has successfully finished its construction and handovers in 2017. 60% of the units have been occupied. The price starts from Rp30 million per meter with the size from 28.95 m2 to 37.3 m2 for Studio, 67.5 m2 to 74.9 m2 for 2 bedrooms, and 104.1 m2 for 3 bedrooms.

Capitol Suites has several edges offered starting from its location which is near to the embassy of America and Japan, safety which supported by its location in the heart of state government, and it already got certification worthy of function (SLF) from Jakarta Regional Government so technical feasibility and function of the building are guaranteed by the state

Fitri Hardigaluh, Marketing Manager of Capitol Suites in this press release explained, “There are still residential buildings that have not gotten SLF although the construction has finished, which that problem holds down many occupants in occupying the building immediately.”

A guaranteed investment nowadays becomes the most sought after seeing that many developers are having a trouble in doing their responsibility on time regarding the unit handover. “Many buyers disappointed and their profit calculation prediction becomes missed or delayed. If we count it again, it is more profitable to buy a finished residence so the buyers will not have to deal with the permission, construction schedule, to SLF so that they can earn their cash flow,” said Fitri.

Fitri added, “Capitol Suites has a very safe place also quality and specification that could answer the market demand. Generally, Capitol Suites buyers who have occupied the residence feel satisfied with the specification provided because it gives them the value of money, plus a smart home facility which provided.”

“A middle-up apartment like Capito Suites is not much in here, and we are the only one who promotes low density residential concept where privacy is highly guaranteed. This what makes the rent cost in here to be quite high but still affordable so a chance to earn passive income by buying Capitol Suites becomes visible and profitable,” said Fitri.

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