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Encourage Marketing Measurement in Mobile Era, AppsFlyer Acquire $ 56 million

by Sebastianus Epifany Thursday, February 2, 2017 - 15:22

JAKARTA - The development of telecommunications infrastructure and digital technology encourage the growth of a variety of industrial businesses in Indonesia. Industry competition to fight the market share portion is common in this era, and it makes AppsFlyer as attribution mobile enterprise and marketing data analysis entrusted to achieve additional funding of $ 56 million in C-Series, which is the total of $ 84 million.

AppsFlyer will invest in improving products to help more marketers in order to measure each of their engagement with the target audience. The company in two years has successfully grown revenue by 500% and accompanied by an increase in the number of staff who reach 40 to 240 people in 12 global offices.

AppsFlyer funding led by investor Qumra Capital, and Goldman Sachs Private Capital Investment (PCI), Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners (DTCP) and Pitango Growth. Boaz Dinte of Qumra capital partner has joined the board of directors AppsFlyer, and Goldman Sachs PCI was also joined as an observer.

"AppsFlyer has proven its ability to deliver critical facilities mission and innovation-based measurement data which needed for successful marketers and developers. As mobile and marketing, it is clear that AppsFlyer is the key for further growth and we are pleased to provide more resources for companies that expand their ability to generate data for marketers who are in a league of its own," said Boaz Dinte, managing partner at Qumra Capital in press release (2/2/2017).

AppsFlyer measure approximately $ 6 million is spent every year on mobile marketing, processing more than 300 billion events from mobile phones every month, has more than 2,000 partners and support integrated more than ten thousand marketers as clients. AppsFlyer was recently selected as a partner for the measurement of Pinterest, Tencent, Adobe, IBM, Yahoo and others - In addition, it also provides services to the official Facebook, Google and Twitter.

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