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IIW 2017 Suitable for Capturing Potential Customers for MHE DEMAG

by Sebastianus Epifany Friday, November 10, 2017 - 15:00

JAKARTA - MHE DEMAG, one of the leading global companies engaged in the products and technology of lifting equipment feel that Indonesia Infrastructure Week (IIW) 2017 as a suitable event to capture the right customer for its products.

This was revealed by Herry Cahyadi, Senior Sales Engineer of MHE Demag, when met Asia Infrastructure Online at MHE DEMAG booth. According to him, for this event have a more specific customer, "Here we are like fishing in a small pond but the fish is big. Indeed, some customers have been directly intense, after meeting with us they immediately asked all the data, immediately ask for a follow-up, the event is really to the point, it's hit the customer. "

Herry Cahyadi explains about the products in the MHE DEMAG booth, "The product that we carry here is from doubledecker, this is the simplest system to be able to increase the car parking capacity. With one slot we can add it to two by stacking, it's hydraulic mechanical system. So this system is quite reliable in design, its certification is already TUV Europe, it also has a quite a lot of safety features with capacity reaching 2,3 - 2,7 tons."

More details, he explains that the system itself could be used for field efficiency because we can get double or triple parking capacity with the same field dimension.

Herry Cahyadi explained, “The simplest system is Doubledecker, we talk about improving just 2 levels, but if we want a bigger system we have various types for automatic type, it could be fit for thousand cars in one system.”

He also recounted that MHE DEMAG some time ago has installed a rotary parking system in Cikini for 10 cars capacity. “We have puzzle model with a competitive price, we have various automatic types as well, depending on people needs. We can say that our product is suitable for any building because we have various types. The simplest one is doubledecker, but we have rotary parking as well, and fully automatic parking with the elevator system,” he said.

“Indonesian market is actually prospective because it has so many supporting variables. Logically, people are sieged by rules, with the expensive parking and lanyard, the government has already begun strict rules, parking on the street carelessly will be towed,” he said.

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