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Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung (JIPS) is Ready to Operate

by Sebastianus Epifany Thursday, October 26, 2017 - 09:32

DEMAK, CENTRAL JAVA – Nowadays, the existence of industrial estate has been a significant aspect for investors. The industrial estate could be an attractiveness that regions have. Investors could also expand their business in their determined industrial estates with many supporting facilities. In accordance with the government’s opinion, the industrial estate could be “a plus value” for a region so it is accepted broadly national and international.

Relating to that consideration, PT Jawa Tengah Lahan Andalan has been pioneering an industrial estate in Demak, Central Java Province, which is known as Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung or JIPS. PT Jawa Tengah Lahan Andalan has newly established in 2013. Although Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung is claimed as a new one, it has many excellences, like: strategic location and guarantee of the legal aspect. Noteworthy, Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung is acknowledged and supported by local and Indonesian Government and all people as well.

Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung whose address is on KM 14,7, Semarang – Demak Street, Batu Village, Karangtengah Sub District, Demak, Central Java, Indonesia is near with Semarang, the capital of Central Java. Certainly, the location would relate to the access to Ahmad Yani Airport, Tanjung Emas Seaport, Tawang and Poncol Railway Station, Terboyo Bus Terminal and national highway of Semarang - Surabaya. It helps out the operational activities and distributional paths. More, Demak is also near with other cities, as Kudus, Jepara, Lasem, Purwodadi, and some others that well impacts into manpower availabilities.

In legality concerns, Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung has obtained an official license of an industrial estate, that is called as SIUKI (Surat Izin Usaha Kawasan Industri). By this license, an industrial estate is legally recognized. Moreover, Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung has already had a license for an integrated service, that is called as KLIK (Kemudahan Investasi Langsung Konstruksi).

This KLIK facility is issued by Indonesian Investment Board. It accommodates the investors in their process of licensing. The investors are permitted to do the construction while the other processed concerns are running. The issuance of those legal licenses is the manifestation of government’s support for Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung. In this case, the government and PT Jawa Tengah Lahan Andalan, could collaborate and cooperate each other to promote.

All potential elements, strategic aspects and governmental supports have been the part of optimism implemented by Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung. It is ready to operate. The development of infrastructure, technical concerns, expansion and marketing are undertaken in parallel steps in tune with the sustainable concept of an industrial estate. Investors, developer and government could also create the network and partnership for the progress of all.

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