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Tasblock Presents The Best Infrastructure & Urban Furniture Products for Indonesian Market

by Sebastianus Epifany Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 15:14

JAKARTA - PT Tasblock Industry Indonesia, the Indonesian branch of Tasblock PTE LTD has showcased their products in the event of Konstruksi Indonesia - The Big 5 Construct Indonesia (KIBIG5) 2017. On that occasion, Infrastructure Asia Online has got the opportunity to interview Sitki Kok, The President Director of Tasblock who explained about all the Tasblock quality products.

Infrastructure Asia Online has visited the booth of Tasblock Industry Indonesia in KIBIG5 2017 which held 8-10 November 2017 at JCC. This company have over 20 years experience in composite material manufacturing and construction and ready to offering advanced composite materials to the Indonesian market.

“Our company expertise in the composite material. We are doing the composite material last 25 years,” said Sitki Kok.

He explains more details by said,” The composite is actually is a mix of some things. Our composite is called polymer composite. We are making the building material plus urban furniture.”

Sitki Kok revealed the benefits of the composite which also become the advantages of Tasblock materials which are durable and long-lasting, corrosion resistant, electrically insulating, heat resistant, seawater resistant, rust free, waterproof, thermally insulating, acid, alkaline and solvent resistant, stable shape and size, UV stable, environmentally friendly, Does not have a smell, flexible design options, easy installation, lower risk of being stolen, absorbs and dampens vibrations, colour customization, lightweight, workable, termite proof, anti-moss.

The main principle of this company is to develop and provide world-class sustainable green building technology and drive environmental sustainability for affordable and luxury residential building as well as commercial buildings. Not only that, Tasblock also offers infrastructure elements, road utilities and urban furniture such as gully gratings, manhole covers, benches, bollards light poles, electrical panel boxes with competitive prices and high quality with the advantages of no maintenance and durability.

“Our company make the composite more affordable, so we can able to use for infrastructure. So like what I said before, there is 1 department making for housing and plus also the bridge, another department which is making for urban furniture to use on the street. Especially nowadays in Jakarta, when you use any yellow line on the sidewalks, that is Tasblock. It's everywhere, You can easily see,” said Sitki Kok.

Sitki Kok also believes that actually composite is the future material and maybe in the future, all the construction will be done by composite but with the different type of composite. He also expressed his views on the Indonesia potential market for Tasblock products.

“Indonesia market is a little bit difficult but it's good potential because our products are superior products, good products, and also very suitable for Indonesia. Because of permits, weather, sun, everything is very suitable. Why I'm saying it's difficult because the new products are always difficult to accept,” state Sitki Kok.

The last but not least, Sitki Kok also share his experience about KIBIG5 2017 by saying, ”The event is good, we are quite happy to attend, we met several people, and they hope it will affect help also our company grow. And we are planning to continue to attend those events.”  


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