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Hauraton Showcase The Best Products in KIBIG5 2017

by Sebastianus Epifany Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 17:50

JAKARTA - Hauraton, the leading company in developing, manufacturing and delivering surface drainage solutions for over five decades now presents its products in Indonesia through Harum Jaya Rejeki as their distribution partners in the country.  Hauraton introduced its products to the public through the event of Konstruksi Indonesia and The Big 5 Construct Indonesia (KIBIG5) 2017.

Infrastructure Asia Online has got a chance to met and interview Michael Unger, the Export Director Asia of Hauraton who explains Hauraton Products and technology in Hauraton booth in the KIBIG5 2017 event in JCC. KIBIG5 2017 is held by Tarsus Indonesia together with dmg events on 8-10 November 2017 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).

“We are the manufacturer of a surface drainage products, the products are actually pre-past channels for collecting stormwater or rainwater. Environmental friendly, ecological product, the channel is made out of polypropylene and we have different tradings on top so depending on the application going from the usage of private areas, residential, market squares into industrial yards even airport and port,” explained Michael Unger.

He also added, ”You can use our products to get rid of stormwater and rainwater. So the idea is to reduce flats in the area and finding good solutions for a getting rid of rainwater.”

Michael Unger also explains more details about Hauraton products by saying, ”Our products are easy to install, very lightweight and environmental friendly because we have it all of 100 percent recycles material. For more, we offer many kinds of gradings which gives different design possibility for architects and designers.”

Particularly, Michael Unger also gave a positive appreciation of KIBIG5 2017 event by saying, ”The exhibition for us is very good opportunity to introduce our product, we have actually new distribution partners, Harum Jaya Rejeki company and they are here to introduce our products.”

“We have a lot of leads, people coming from different production and areas so they were a lot of governmental people, event they were people from industrial sector, from gas, from highway sector, airport authorities, we met consultants, contractors this gave us good opportunity to show our products to many different customers,” he conclude.


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