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The Importance of Soil Compaction Process & Its Equipment

by Sebastianus Epifany Friday, February 2, 2018 - 10:50

JAKARTA - Soil compaction is one of the most important factors that determine the success of construction projects. This is important because soil compaction can increase the carrying capacity of the soil, minimize the permeability and the influence of water on the land and help withstand the burden of the building.

As reported from (2/2/2018), the process of soil compaction cannot be done carelessly and takes time. The step to start development is to clean up a variety of plants, trees, shrubs and rocks that can interfere with the construction process. Next will be done soil compaction process on the area to be built.

Before the soil compaction activity is conducted, it is necessary to first measure groundwater pressure using a piezometer. After that compaction can be done with some heavy equipment to accelerate soil compaction. The tools are selected according to the type of terrain, type of soil and the amount of project budget required.

Here is the equipment that helps soil compaction:

Three Wheel Roller

This compaction is usually used for an aggregate of coarse-grained soils with the weight of wheel roller around 6 tons and 12 tons. The soil compacting device is designed with three cylinders made of steel in order to increase the weight of the compactor.

Tandem Roller

Tandem Roller is a heavy equipment used to compress the soil for the manufacture of highways and airports so as to get the compaction straight and smooth. Tandem roller weighs 8 tons to 14 tons and can help the compaction process.


Bulldozer as a tool to push the ground and levelling the ground that has been lowered by the truck. This tool can also be used to destroy clumps of soil that the compaction process runs smoothly.

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