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Indonesia's Construction Market Highly Potential for PEB STEEL BUILDINGS CO., LTD

by Sebastianus Epifany Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 09:09

JAKARTA - Indonesia's construction market is now growing rapidly along with the focus of the Indonesian government in developing construction across the country. This makes the Indonesian construction market very potential for a variety of construction companies, one of which is PEB STEEL BUILDINGS CO., LTD.

This was revealed by Tommy Ferdiyanto and Dipo Lie who became sales engineers of PEB STEEL BUILDINGS CO., LTD in an interview with Infrastructure Asia Online (19/11/2017). Tommy Ferdiyanto explained the current condition of the Indonesian market by saying, "(The Indonesian Construction Market) in 2017 has started to improve compared to 2015-2016.It is highly potential for PEB STEEL BUILDINGS CO., LTD."

PEB STEEL BUILDINGS CO., LTD is a specialization company of design, fabrication and installation of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (P.E.B) steel structures for factories, warehouses, exhibition halls, commercial/trading centres, supermarkets, sports stadiums, aircraft hangars and others.Tommy Ferdiyanto said that this year the company has a target to become a market leader in Pre Engineer Building market in Indonesia.

The target is not impossible considering the movement of Indonesia construction market which is growing and developing and supported by the company's experience of producing the best variety of products. Dipo Lie explained, "PEB STEEL BUILDINGS CO., LTD products among others are PEB Frame, PEBHybrid, PEB Ridge Ventilators, Lock-Seam, Hyper180, Silver180, and various other products."

Dipo Lie revealed that the company's product is superior to its competitors because it provides the best quality assurance at competitive prices and is able to produce timeliness implementation. He also explained that the government's focus on building infrastructure positively impacts the industrial sector while asserting the benefits of PEB Steel system, "PEB Steel system can make building faster, efficient and precise".


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