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ITEWE Presents New Innovative Construction Products for Indonesia

by Sebastianus Epifany Tuesday, November 21, 2017 - 13:44

JAKARTA - PT ITEWE SARANA KONSTRUKSI (ITEWE) is a construction company offering a wide range of innovative products for the construction sector in Indonesia with three main products namely RAMSET, ROCKWOOL and AKFIX.

Infrastructure Asia Online gets a special opportunity to interview Edy Tjandra, ITEWE Director in Konstruksi Indonesia and The Big 5 Construct Indonesia (KIBIG5) 2017 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).

Edy Tjandra explained in detail, "For Ramset we focus more on anchoring, some are chemical and mechanical. The chemical is a new solution, usually the worker in the field use of the cuttings system in bars to fold the concrete iron, now we didn’t use that system again, we all using inject system, to speed up the construction work in the field. The work could complete quickly, automatically the projects can be quick to use, commercially more productive.”

“Rockwool is more into insulation, that is linked to cost as well, imagine in one building we do not use insulation, the air conditioner usage will be much heavier, if we use insulation, the use of air conditioner can be lighter because with the same energy temperature can be cooler or otherwise we do not need too much energy to get a comfortable temperature. It’s also saving too," he explained.

ITEWE also brings innovative products that drive the efficiency of construction work through AKFIX 962P. This product focuses on PU Foam which is called the magical lightweight brick adhesive that can replace conventional mortar in Indonesia because it is able to make construction work becomes more concise, fast, and can be obtained with very affordable price.

"Actually our competitor who use conventional mortar, the lightweight brick adhesive is water-mixed cement and then applied, so the conditions are wet and dirty. We (ITEWE) come up with PU Foam based material, the name is AKFIX 962P, the application is simple in the form of a tin and then paired the application, just shake it, then sprayed, the strength can be fourfold of mortar, faster drying also so the work can be done immediately without the need for a break, so the cost can be more efficient too, " explained Edy Tjandra.

He revealed that for the marketing of these products has reached various regions in Indonesia. "For marketing has reached to some areas. The goods are quite light, the value is quite large, so it can be sent using all couriers. So this delivery can reach anywhere in Indonesia. It’s also available in Tokopedia, in the shop of ITEWE Sarana Konstruksi," said Edy Tjandra.

Special for KIBIG5 2017 event, he highlighted several things, ranging from inadequate building facilities, parking and operations are limited, and visitor traffic is not evenly distributed. “My input is about the location which we already booked, why there could be a change without notification? This complaint about our disappointment," concludes Edy Tjandra.


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