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Vermeer Products is Useful for Indonesia's Infrastructure Development

by Sebastianus Epifany Friday, November 24, 2017 - 16:41

JAKARTA - Indonesia is now focusing on developing various infrastructure projects throughout the country. It needs a variety of best products to support the construction works and Vermeer products are useful to support these works.

Vermeer is a manufacturer of industrial construction and agricultural equipment. The privately held company distributes more than 120 products globally from seven production facilities and offices in Pella, Iowa, the United States and multiple locations worldwide.

Infrastructure Asia Online had an opportunity to interview Gary Cowley, Director of PT Vermeer Indonesia in the exhibition of Indonesia Infrastructure Week (IIW) 2017, which held on 8-10 November 2017. He explained that Vermeer products are very suitable for use in infrastructure project work.

"There's a lot of Vermeer products suitable for infrastructure works including pipes on the ground, gas pipe, fibre optic, listric, water, sewer, and what happening in Indonesia at the moment where all the infrastructure projects," said Gary Cowley.

Gary revealed that Vermeer has quality products devoted to a variety of construction works. He also explained, "Its'quality products, Vermeer is renown worldwide in the market share in producing a quality long lasting road built machine, that's why we only sell Vermeer."

He also stressed that Indonesia is very potential because the people here look for relevant equipment and machinery. Not only that, Gary Cowley also specifically give positive appreciation about Indonesia Infrastructure Week 2017 event.

"It's a great exhibition, I mean, we've been here involving on this may be about 2 years or 3 years, we keep coming back because it attracts a lot of people."

He closes the conversation by saying, "We get a lot of local contracts, this coming in, contract into the major firms which may use our industrial, it supports us, so this is a very good exhibition, well run and attracts a lot of people."


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