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Government Needs to Create National Construction Safety Committee

by Sebastianus Epifany Tuesday, January 9, 2018 - 17:41

JAKARTA - The beginning of 2018 precisely on January 2, public was surprised by an accident in the construction of the Depok-Antasari toll road project due to a broken girder. It received special attention from Akhmad Suraji, a construction safety researcher.

Based on reports from (9/1/2018), Akhmad Suraji assessed the accident should be seen in the socio-engineering system, viewed thoroughly by all parties. This is because it is not easy to directly blame the conditions and situations in the field.

Akhmad Suraji who is chairman of the Indonesian Engineers Association of Yogyakarta explained that in every construction project, of course, has uniqueness, and it could be one of the cause.

This makes him hope there needs to be a government breakthrough by making a national construction safety committee, in order to answer the cause of the accident properly.

"With the committee, we can prevent similar events, and certainly the investigation process is scientific and objective, so there will be no one blames the person in the field but could see elements from upstream to downstream," he said.

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