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PUPR Ministry will Evaluate Contractor Related to Construction Accident

by Sebastianus Epifany Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - 10:25

JAKARTA - Construction accident which occurs in the Pasuruan Probolinggo Toll Road Development in Pasuruan Regency, East Java, has made PUPR Ministry forming a team to evaluate the design, test and working methods undertaken by the project contractor, PT Waskita Karya.

The incident happened on Sunday (29/10/17) where 4 girders fell. The incident resulted 1 person has died and 2 people hospitalized.

Based on the explanation of PT. Waskita Karya, girder installation in District Grati with the length of 50,80 meters is in the erection process using 2 crane engines with the power of 250 tons and 150 tons of cranes. The installation started on Saturday and has completed 3 girders.

In all three girders which have done the erection, the contractor conduct bracing installation. The installation of the 4th girder resumes on Sunday and when it is set to be placed on its holder, the girder collides with another girder which already installed. This causes the crane rope broken and the third girder touches another already installed girder and resulting all four girder falls simultaneously.

The 31,3 km Pasuruan-Probolinggo toll road is part of the Trans Java toll road. The concession holder of this toll road project is PT Trans Java Paspro Toll Road as a toll road business entity (BUJT), which is 100 percent owned by PT Waskita Toll Road. Acting as Contractor is PT. Waskita Karya, the supervising consultant is PT. Virama Karya and PMI Consultant PT Monoheksa.

The PUPR Ministry expressed deep sorrow and condolences to the families of the victims who died and the wounded and has coordinated with the Local Government for the handling the victim's treatment.

The Ministry of PUPR requests all Toll Road Business Entities (BUJT) and contractors to implement the Occupational Safety and Health Management System (SMK3) as set forth in Regulation of the Minister of Public Works No.5/PRT/M/2014 on the Guidelines of Occupational Safety and Health Management System (SMK3) Construction of Public Works Sector.

In addition, the PUPR Ministry requested BUJT and the implementing contractor to develop control measures and improve the supervision of the implementation of work methods and OHS procedures to be strictly enforced in toll road construction activities to prevent the recurrence of similar events.

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