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Waskita Karya Involves Experts to Probe The Construction Incidents

by Sebastianus Epifany Friday, February 23, 2018 - 10:44

JAKARTA - PT Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk. will involve experts to investigate recent incidents of flyover construction. This was conveyed directly by the Director of Operations II PT Waskita Karya Nyoman Wirya Adnyana.

Nyoman Wirya Adnyana explained this in the Media Forum Merdeka Barat (FMB) 9 discussion with the theme "Temporarily Suspend Elevated Construction" at Roeslan Abdul Gani Serba Guna Building  Kemenkominfo on Thursday (22/2).

"Some of these incidents remind us that we must carefully implement SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), and also from factors that we may have neglected to reckon with," said Nyoman Wirya Adnyana, as reported from (23/s).

In the discussion, Nyoman also explained the challenges of construction when the installation of the girder. One such challenge is that contractors when installing girder must calculate wind speed at the site.

"At the moment we implement (to put) using a crane. The movement must be in tune both the rhythm in the left and right. If it's not in tune it will create one problem. So it must be smooth once," he explains.

According to Nyoman, this is a non-standard model for installing the construction of the overpass girder. For non-standard girder length 50,8 meters high 2,3 meters with a width of 75 cm, the design is quite slim so the wind factor must also be a consideration.

"We reviewed again by calling the experts to declare exactly what happened, so it needs to conduct observation. And it turns out that it will take three months to make sure exactly what happened," he concluded.

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