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Development Theme in RKP Indonesia 2018

by Sebastianus Epifany Friday, April 21, 2017 - 14:12

JAKARTA - The Government of the Republic of Indonesia has set the development theme in the Government Work Plan (RKP) of 2018, which is "Encouraging Investment and Infrastructure for Growth and Equity". The theme that emphasises on investment and acceleration of infrastructure development is expected to be a driver of economic growth in 2018, As well as reducing inequality that exists between individuals and between regions.

In the Government Work Plan 2018 has been agreed on several National Priorities, among others, education, health, housing and settlements, business development and tourism. Then, energy security, food security, poverty alleviation, infrastructure, connectivity, and maritime, regional development, politics, law, defence and security.

"The overall national priorities are supported by several mainstreaming: mental revolution, gender equality, climate change, equity, and good governance," said Minister of PPN/Bappenas Bambang Brodjonegoro as reported from the press release.

To support the national priorities, Bambang hopes that the discussion with the Regional Device Organizations (OPD) in the implementation of the Provincial Musrenbang can conduct some approach through money follows program which means only focusing the budget only on programs that have proven benefits.

Meanwhile, in discussions with districts or municipalities, it is necessary to do so with more focused and integrated planning of national priority programs or activities. This includes strengthening the Special Allocation Fund (DAK) by further increasing the linkage of DAK allocations with the achievement of national priority program/project targets.

"The pattern of budget allocation is not solely on the proposal of WTO based on Tasks and Functions, but based on program priorities that are beneficial to support the achievement of the priority development agenda," he concluded.

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