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The Government Efforts to Supply Electricity Throughout Indonesia

by Sebastianus Epifany Thursday, February 9, 2017 - 16:04

JAKARTA - The government will massively encourage electricity infrastructure development in areas that still have a low electrification ratio. Listed on the map electricity, there are 12.659 villages that have not received adequate electricity. Even 2,519 villages which are still completely dark, untouched by electricity.

So far based on the BPS data from the Village Potential 2014, new electricity networks reach 69.531 or about 85% of the 82.190 villages in Indonesia, and 2,519 villages of 12.659 remaining villages do not have electricity at all.

"Electrify areas in Indonesia is not just chasing a target ratio because the most important are to give electricity access to those who don't have yet. The important thing is equitable, not only to pursuit target," stated ESDM Minister, Ignatius Jonan, as reported from (9/2/2017).

Jonan also said currently the electrification ratio is now 88% so in two years its increase 5 percent from 83 to 88 and is targeted at the upcoming 2019 increased to 97%. "Besides the equitable target must run, it is not the national ration divided and the national will gain less or more, this has become a challenge for PLN," said Jonan.

To electrify the isolated areas, the Government pursuing several breakthrough programs which are Indonesia Bright which integrated with 35.000 MW electricity program. 35.000 MW Electricity project need to realize to create economic independence and increase the electrification ratio. 35.000 MW Project not only focus on a power plant construction project but also in transmission and substation.

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