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Government: Infrastructure Budget in 2019 will Increase

by Jonathan Cohen Wednesday, August 8, 2018 - 14:44

Jakarta – The Government ensures that the infrastructure budget in 2019 will increase than this year's budget which reached Rp 410.7 trillion. The government will also not stop the ongoing infrastructure projects even though the rupiah exchange rate is currently under pressure.

According to Cabinet Secretary (Seskab) Pramono Anung, the Government, again, will increase the infrastructure budget to build connectivity for a more efficient economic activity.

"The Government allocates funds above Rp 110 trillion for infrastructure development in various regions in the country next year," Pramono Anung said at the Presidential Palace Complex in Jakarta, Tuesday (7/8), as quoted by Investor Daily.

However, Pramono did not elaborately explain whether what was meant by Rp 110 trillion was an addition to this year's budget, or the next year's infrastructure budget would be above Rp110 trillion. If what he meant was Rp110 trillion as an addition, it means that the infrastructure budget in 2019 will reach Rp520.7 trillion.

"Oh, no. There is an increase in the infrastructure budget in 2019. The number is above Rp110 trillion," Pramono said.

Based on the data from the Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu), in the 2018 State Budget (APBN), the infrastructure development budget reaches Rp.410.7 trillion, compared to Rp388.3 trillion in the 2017 APBN or increase to 5.8%.

From year to year, the infrastructure budget continues to rise. In 2014, the infrastructure budget reached Rp154.7 trillion and then increased by 65.5% in 2015 to Rp256.1 trillion. That number rose again by 5.1% in 2016 to Rp.269.1 trillion and shot up to 44.3% or Rp388.3 trillion in 2017.

This year's infrastructure budget is allocated to finance the construction of 865 km of new roads, 25 km of toll roads, and 8,695 km of bridges.


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