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Government Prioritising Various Infrastructure Projects in Aceh

by Sebastianus Epifany Tuesday, April 18, 2017 - 15:27


ACEH - The Minister of National Development Planning (PPN)/Head of Bappenas Bambang Brodjonegoro explained that a variety of infrastructure projects and food security will be a priority in 2018 to realise the acceleration of equitable development in  Aceh province,

It is delivered Bambang PS Brodjonegoro in his speech at the opening of Musrenbang RKPA 2018 at the Parliament Building in Aceh province on Monday (17/4).

Many projects which are ready to work is the development of railway lines Bireuen-Lhokseumawe, development of Trans Sumatra railway between Besitang-Langsa, development and revitalization of the National Port Balohan, Provision of weather information for flights to take off and landing both online and real-time, construction of Kaureto Dam, construction of Rukoh Dam, and construction of Tiro Dam.

Various sectors that can support economic growth in Aceh, including manufacturing, agriculture, forestry and fishing, wholesale and retail trade sector, the construction sector, etc.

"These sectors must be properly managed by the local government in order to support economic growth in Aceh, which is projected to rise by 5,6 percent in 2018," said Minister Bambang as reported from (04/18/2017).

Bambang added that the Government Work Plan for 2018 has been agreed some sectors of National Priority projects namely:

(1) Education

(2) Health

(3) Housing and Settlement

(4) Business Promotion and Tourism

(5) Energy Security

(6) Food Security

(7) Poverty Reduction

(8) Infrastructure, Connectivity, and maritime

(9) Regional Development

(10) Politics, Defense and Security.

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