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Indonesia Electricity Tariff Still Competitive in ASEAN Region

by Sebastianus Epifany Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - 16:59

JAKARTA - The number of electricity tariffs issued by PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) is still considered competitive when compared to other countries in the ASEAN region. This can be seen from electricity tariff data in December 2017 between Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam.

As reported from (31/1/2018), the current average tariff rate for 450 VA household customers is Rp 415 per kWh, for 900 VA underprivileged households is Rp 586 per kWh, adequate household 900 VA is Rp 1,352 per kWh and non-subsidized customer (tariff adjustment), amounting to Rp 1,467 per kWh.

When converted, the electricity tariff in Indonesia for household users is 11 cents USD/kWh, while in Thailand it reaches 12,7 cents USD/kWh, Singapore 16,73 cents USD / kWh, Philippines 15,61 cents USD/ kWh. Rates in Malaysia and Vietnam for household consumers are cheaper, ie 9,34 cents USD/kWh and 9,67 cents USD/kWh, respectively.

For medium business consumer power, tariffs in Indonesia are 11 cents USD/kWh, lower than Malaysia (12,68 cents USD/kWh), Singapore (11,88 cents USD/kWh), and Vietnam (12,07 cents USD/kWh). Meanwhile, electricity tariffs for the same consumer in Thailand and the Philippines are lower, ie 9,6 cents USD/kWh and 9,44 cents USD/kWh.

However, for the type of large business users, electricity tariffs in Indonesia became the cheapest in ASEAN, which are 8,36 cents USD/kWh, compared to the same class consumers in Singapore which reached 11,62 cents USD/kWh, Vietnam 11,10 cents USD/kWh, Thailand 9,29 cents USD/kWh, Philippines 9,19 cents USD/kWh, and Malaysia 8,96 cents USD/kWh.

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