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Jonan: Government is Committed to Build a Sustainable Infrastructure

by Sebastianus Epifany Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - 10:17

JAKARTA - Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Ignatius Jonan reiterated the Government's commitment to continue and complete infrastructure development that has been declared despite a change of leadership. Jonan also emphasized that the strategic programs already underway in this roadmap must be completed according to the original plan.

"Electricity infrastructure, transportation, and oil and gas and so on, the spirit is sustainable even though the regime or the politics flow is change, this will go on and resolved," said Ignasius Jonan as reported from (23/8/17).

Related to the development of other infrastructure which directly related to the community, in 2017 the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has a strategic program, including BBM Satu Harga (One Price), the development of urban gas network (jargas), the construction of groundwater drilling wells, to the division of Solar Energy Saving Lamp (LTSHE).

In the One Price BBM program, the Government has built 22 points of channeling institutions with 4 points in the West and 18 points in the East. Meanwhile, 59,809 Household Connections (SR) of city gas networks are expected to be completed by 2017 with details of 47,309 SR in the West and 12,500 SR in the East.

Not only that, 250 groundwater drill wells will also be built this year, with details of 152 wells in the West and 98 wells in the East. The government also targets the distribution and installation of 80,332 LTSHE units to the Family with details of 409 families in the West and 79,923 families in the East.

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