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KEMENPUPR Encourage Economic Growth in Lampung through Infrastructure

by Sebastianus Epifany Wednesday, March 8, 2017 - 10:41

JAKARTA - Infrastructure Development which conducted by Indonesian Government via The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (KEMENPUPR) turned out to contribute to the economic growth in Lampung province. Based on data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, in 2016 the economy in Lampung grew by 5,15 percent, while in 2015 is just 5,13 percent.

The integration of KEMENPUPR infrastructure development in Lampung conducted through Regional Strategic Development (WPS) Integrated Growth of Merak - Bakauheni - Bandar Lampung - Palembang - Tanjung Api-Api or abbreviated as MBBPT as the backbone of regional development that relies on toll road corridors to encourage the optimization of the utilization of the economic potential of the productive region as industry, tourism, agriculture and metropolitan areas.

Construction of Bakauheni-Terbanggi Besar Toll Road along 140,9 km have an investment value of Rp 16,79 trillion and it's a part of the National Strategic Program (PSN) along with 8 lines of Trans Sumatera Toll Road which build by KEMENPUPR together with a State Owned Enterprises Company PT Hutama Karya. This project has begun since 2015 and a few of lines can be completed in 2017 which are a line of Pelabuhan-Bakauheni (8,9 km) and Lematang-Kota Baru (5,64 km) in March, and also a line of Branti-Metro (13,5 km) and the line of Sugih Mountain-Terbanggi Besar (10 km) in December. The rest of the lines are targeted to be completed in 2018.

While for Terbanggi Besar-Pematang Panggang-Kayu Agung Toll Road along 186 Km, the progress has been made at this time to determine the location by the Governor of Lampung, the process of land acquisition and preparation of the construction on the road of Terbanggi Besar-Pematang Panggang along 12 Km.

"Apart from major infrastructure, the Ministry PUPR also assigned to provide employment through infrastructure development with 'Padat Karya' scheme," said PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono as reported from (8/3/2017).

The total budget of PUPR Ministry for Lampung Province in 2017 is up to Rp 1,8 Trillion, and it will be allocated also for infrastructure development with 'Padat Karya' scheme amounted Rp 195,53 billion which spread in any districts in Lampung. One of the 'Padat Karya' programs is in the field of Water Resources (SDA) which are repairment and rehabilitation of small irrigation networks.

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