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President Jokowi ask to Prioritise Transport Infrastructure Development in Maluku

by Sebastianus Epifany Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 13:28

JAKARTA - Maluku is one of the provinces in the Republic of Indonesia (RI) which consists of several islands. It makes connectivity, development of fisheries and marine and tourism became the main sector to be developed. Hence, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) requested to prioritise the development of transport infrastructure in Maluku to support the main sector development.

"All connectivity that connects between regions in the island, from one island to another island, and between Maluku and other provinces in the country," said President Jokowi in a limited cabinet meeting at the President's office, as reported from (22/2 / 2017).

Therefore, the acceleration of transport infrastructure development should take precedence. It starts with the construction of roads, bridges, ports, up to the airport. By more connecting regions in Maluku province, the President believes the mobility of goods and/or people will be easier.

"Because I believe by connecting regions in Maluku province, is not only will facilitate the mobility of goods and people as well as lower logistics costs but also be able to move the economy in all regions in Maluku more equally," Jokowi explained.

Over the past two years, economic growth in Maluku province is above the average growth of the national economy. However, as an island province, Maluku actually has the potential to be exploited from the marine and fisheries sector which is still not optimised.

"By sector, the local economy is supported by agriculture, commerce, and retail. This means that the potential in the marine and fisheries sector needs to be worked again up to the maximum," said Jokowi.

In connection therewith, the President also instructed to improving the quality of human resources in Maluku province. Moreover, when coupled with the accelerated development of the oil and gas sector in the Masela block, it makes human resources skilled in Maluku will be necessary.

"For that, I'm really asked the education and vocational training in accordance with the direction of the development potential of the region to be prepared, in order to Maluku province having more skilled and competitive workforce," closed Jokowi.

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