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Rudiantara Emphasizes the Importance of ICT Infrastructure for Indonesia

by Sebastianus Epifany Monday, February 12, 2018 - 10:39

JAKARTA - Indonesian Communications and Informatics Minister Rudiantara said the government is currently preparing the Information Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure for future generations not lose in competing with other countries.

This was disclosed when he gave a public lecture at the State University of Padang West Sumatra. On the occasion, he also mentioned the Palapa Ring and Procurement Satellite programs. Rudiantara asserted that this is a form of government's partisanship towards society.

"The government makes a policy of partisanship to help (people living in, ed) areas that are not business worthy, so if we do not build, we will lose from other countries," said Rudiantara as reported from (12/2/2018).

The policy to link various sectors across the archipelago through ICT infrastructure is targeted to connect all districts and cities with the internet by 2019. Not stop there, the government is also preparing a satellite procurement that will start operating in late 2021 or early 2022.

"One of the government's goals is for young people could compete with other countries, with 226,000 schools ranging from elementary, junior high school, but 80,000 of them have not been connected to the internet yet," Rudiantara added.

The internet learning becomes Minister Rudiantara's offer for future generations. He explained later Indonesia will have more than 1 satellite in 2021 or 2022 to help the education sector, health, and others.

"This is what we want, first of all, we created the infrastructure. We have to think far ahead because in 2030 it is the top of demographic bonus for Indonesia," he added.

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