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The Success of Various Government Program in the Jokowi Era

by Sebastianus Epifany Wednesday, November 30, 2016 - 11:55

JAKARTA - the Republic of Indonesia in the leadership era of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has now reached the second year and has been implementing various work programs that lead to success. It is measured from programs that have been run and the resulting impact on the society and the nation as a whole.

During the two years of the reign of President Jokowi, there are many work programs have been implemented. Work programs include fuel subsidy reduction, infrastructure development programs, deregulation, up to tax amnesty program.

As reported from, the reduction of fuel subsidies by 80 percent done when the government of President Jokowi works for a month. The impact is the existence of a budget of USD 15 billion that can be allocated to other budgets that have been more helpful.

"The development of infrastructure, education and health care," said President Jokowi in the presence of the businessmen who attended the 16th Annual Forbes Global CEO Conference 2016, Tuesday (29/11/2016).

In fact, it can be said that infrastructure development budget which has been done at the moment is the biggest infrastructure development budget in the history of Indonesia. "The construction of power generation of 35,000 MW, 1000 kilometres of toll roads, railroads 3258, 15 new airports and expansion of 10 airports, 24 ports, and expansion of the port," said the President.

Fourteen months ago, the government also has launched a deregulation package of economic policy to cut licensing in order to provide ease of doing business. "We have already launched 14 policy package," the president said.

This year the government also launched a tax amnesty program is very ambitious. "Only after five months, the result makes the tax amnesty of the most successful in the history of the world. Currently, we have collected US $ 10 billion or more than 1 percent of GDP, "said President Joko Widodo.

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