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Vice President RI: Not a Single Country would Stop Building Infrastructure

by Jonathan Cohen Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - 15:50

Jakarta – Vice President Republic of Indonesia Jusuf Kalla said that infrastructure development is a must-thing that needs to be done by every country.

He said that when he was opening Indonesia Development Business Summit New Construction Opportunity at Kempinski Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (1/22/2019) as reported by

“We also understand that not a single country, if we talk about infrastructure, is going to stop building infrastructure,” he said.

He explained that USA and China which seen to have modern infrastructure are still keep building a new one up until today.

Even, said Kalla, those 2 countries keep pushing infrastructure development in times of crisis.

Because it needs to be realized that the economic wheel could move through infrastructure development. So, slow but sure their economy rose again after the crisis.

Kalla added that infrastructure is the people’s primary footstep in moving the economy so it is always going to be built.

He assessed that Indonesia is one of the country in Asia that is still behind in terms of infrastructure.

“Therefore every country is also fixing their infrastructure development. Amongst the Asian country, we are still considered behind,” he said.

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