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APINDO Ask the Government to Build Gas Infrastructure

by Sebastianus Epifany Thursday, December 1, 2016 - 14:03

SEMARANG - Indonesia Businessman Association (APINDO) of Central Java expects the Government could realizing the development of gas infrastructure which builds through the industrial area. It was intended for the businessman to utilize the presence of energy to face the market competition.

"Gas now has become the main raw material. If gas prices can be lowered, businessmen can certainly compete with the market, "said APINDO chairman Frans Kongi in Semarang, Central Java, as reported from, today (01/12/2016).

The presence of natural gas itself is very awaited by businessmen because the price is cheap and the quality is clean. That's why APINDO expect the seriousness of the government to bring gas infrastructure.

"The talks of infrastructure development plan and the flow of natural gas in central java has happened since 15 years ago. I hope it's not just talking," said Frans.

During this time the businessmen buying gas used trucks brought in from Gresik, East Java. The truck lane is inefficient and makes the production cost is much more expensive than pipe distribution.

"If the pipe is passed through the plant, I believe that businessmen would use natural gas," he explained.

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