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Banking Sector Focuses on Cyber Security

by Jonathan Cohen Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - 11:59

Jakarta - With the rapid development of technology today, banks are required to be well prepared and make adjustments. Apart from the technology side, the security side - consumer protection, is also important to be taken into account.

The reason is that rapid technological development was also followed by an increased risk of cyber attacks on the financial system.

Director of PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk (BNI) Bob Tyasika Ananta explained that currently, banking continues to develop cybersecurity. Just say, in recent times cyber attacks on banking services are quite widespread. Like a skimming case that had befallen numbers of large banks, as reported by

Such as Bank Mandiri customers in March 2018 back then that at least recorded 141 customers who were victims of cybercrime, with a total loss of Rp 260 million. As a result, Bank Mandiri immediately made a settlement effort while strengthening the bank's security system, especially from the ATM side. Not only Bank Mandiri, but other large banks also had become victims of this crime in the current digital era.

As a result, banks, as well as payment system regulators, strengthened the security by speeding up the process of switching chip-based magnetic stripe debit cards that are much safer, known as anti-skimming.

Bob also mentioned, a number of BNI customers also complained about the mysterious debit. According to him, this is also one of the cybercrime.

"That's just one example, but for that, we have recovered and strengthened the system to protect customers. But things like that might happen, that's what technology is called for," he said in Jakarta, Tuesday (6/11).

Bob assesses the future risk of crime through technology especially digital will continue to increase. "Therefore, the security must be repaired and improved continuously, so it will always be dynamic, there must be identification, mitigation, detection and response," he said. 

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