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ESDM Ministry Realize Equitable Energy for Papua and West Papua

by Sebastianus Epifany Tuesday, March 7, 2017 - 11:55

JAKARTA - Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) continues committed to creating an equitable energy throughout Indonesia, including in Papua and West Papua. Policies and programs of Oil and Gas infrastructure development, Electricity and Renewable Energy (EBT) become the focus of development and equity in Eastern Indonesia to gain affordable energy.

"It now operates in a total of 7 districts in Papua and West Papua, so the price is the same as Java. One Price Fuel Policy is channelled only to Distributors Agents of Oil and Diesel (APMS). If it comes to retail traders so it would be more expensive", explain ESDM Minister Ignasius Jonan as reported in the Press Release of ESDM Ministry in (7/3/2017).

Besides that, the development of oil and gas sector in Papua also conducted through the development of City Gas Network Infrastructure. The plan is the City Gas Network Infrastructure will be built in two locations with 11,500 household connections and it will be operated in 2018.

Minister Jonan explained that the oil and gas management through the LNG project Tangguh Train 3 also become the focus of development in Eastern Indonesia. "This city gas network until 2018. Tangguh Train 3 Management is also still ongoing. The Completion Target of this project is in 2020," he said.

For electrical energy, the Ministry of Energy is targeting electricity development program in Papua and West Papua of 514 MW will be completed by 2019. In addition, the rural electrification program also extends until reaching 186 thousand customers until 2019.

ESDM Minister also explained that the national electrification ratio in 2016 reached 91.16% or by 59 656 megawatts (MW), however, there are still 2,519 villages which completely dark. Breakthroughs are needed so that these villages have electricity soon. "We will distribute packages of Solar Energy Saving Lamps (LTSHE) to various regions, especially in Papua and West Papua. Per house will get 4 packs," said Jonan.

Related to the infrastructure development of Renewable Energy sector (EBT) in Papua and West Papua, during 2012-2017 ESDM Minister has produced 54 units of EBT power plant infrastructure, 390 units PJU PV/Retrovit and 5.298 KW which electrify 6.828 households.

"There is a solar cell, hydro, micro-hydro and so on. We already have data for all by name, by address in Papua. The important thing is equalisation via One Price of Fuel, electricity and renewable energy", close Jonan.

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