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Indonesian Government will Revitalized 76 Airport

by Sebastianus Epifany Thursday, January 26, 2017 - 17:25

JAKARTA - Airport is one of the essential infrastructures for people in an area, especially when you are in an archipelago country like Indonesia. Therefore, the Government plans to revitalize the 76 class IV airports which are located in areas with high economic growth, high population and high export market potential.

The revitalization will be done by the government through the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises, to the class IV-airport or airport with runway sized 800-1000 meters. Managing Director of Garuda Indonesia, Arif Wibowo explained that the revitalization process will involve PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero), PT Angkasa Pura I-II, PT Dirgantara Indonesia, and Technical Services Unit (UPT) of the Ministry of Transportation.

"Revitalization will be done at airports located in areas that have economic growth, high population, and export market potential," said Arif Wibowo as reported from (01/26/2017).

Garuda management itself is currently exploring the airports which are approximately included in the revitalization program, especially which has not been well explored but has the potential to be developed. Some airports were targeted for this program include Muara Taweh Airport, Tanjung Enim Airport, Karimun Jawa Airport, as well as Seram Airport.

"At least 16 airports ready to be developed in the near future. While others will be completed in the next five years, "said Arif, adding that this synergy will also prepare the aircraft capable of landing on a short runway.

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