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Infrastructure Development Raise Property Prices in Bekasi

by Sebastianus Epifany Thursday, December 15, 2016 - 17:24

JAKARTA - The focus of Indonesian Government in developing infrastructure has impacted to the increase of land and property prize in Bekasi region. Toll access became one of the superiority of Bekasi region, and this will be strengthened by the existence of Light Rapid Transit (LRT) which now still under construction.

"The construction of infrastructure in east Jakarta Corridor like Becakkayu toll road and LRT which planned to cross Ahmad Yani corridor in the city of Bekasi has increased the land and property prize in the development area. Moreover, access toll of West Bekasi and East Bekasi already exists since a long time ago," said Ali Tranghanda, CEO of Indonesia Property Watch reported from, Thursday (14/12/2016).  

Based on research by Indonesia Property Watch (IPW) stated in the second quarter 2016, the Bekasi area reached the highest occupancy growth in demand compared to Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang. With the lower class market segmentation by 59.17 percent, medium class by 34.66 percent and the upper class by 6,17 percent.

Ali Tranghada also explained the sale of property in the third quarter 2016 amounted to Rp 1,169 trillion, with an increase in the value of 8,1 percent and 11,8 percent increase in units sold from the second quarter of 2016. Three areas in Bodetabek which show the increase of unit sold in the last quartal which are Bogor with an increase 19,3 percent, Bekasi with an increase 16,3 percent and Depok with an increase 10,4 percent.

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