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KADIN Urges to Run Stalled Projects

by Sebastianus Epifany Tuesday, November 22, 2016 - 15:52

JAKARTA - Indonesia as the largest archipelago country in the world needs an additional power supply to support development. Therefore, Rosan P. Roeslani as the chairman of Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) hope all various electricity projects which have been stopped could start working again.

“Yes, the development now stalled, the plan is there are 17 projects which will encourage by the Government through PLN, and therefore we expect all that stalled could be running again,” said Rosan P. Roeslani in Jayapura, Papua, as reported from, Tuesday (22/11/2016).

Furthermore, he also stressed that the budget of trillions of rupiah has been issued to support the construction of a number of power projects that can provide a positive impact for the community and the business world. “And it needs many funds. The government also has a limitation in funding at this time,” expressed Rosan.

Rosan also discussed the importance for the government to hold investors to overcome state financial issues which are not adequate.

“The existence of investors, whether the national or foreign investor is required, it is undeniable that was necessary because the government, through state-owned enterprises have limited funds for their slowdown in the world economy and Indonesia," he stated again.

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