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Pelindo II Provide Rp 50 trillion for the Port Infrastructure

by Sebastianus Epifany Wednesday, December 14, 2016 - 14:49

JAKARTA - PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) II planned to undertake the development of port infrastructure which will begin in 2017 to 2019. Hence, Pelindo II will prepare Rp 50 trillion which coming from the internal cash.

This was disclosed by Elvyn G Masassya, Managing Director of Pelindo II, which explains that some Rp 25 trillion of funds are used for infrastructure development. Pelindo II planned a number of projects such as the international port in Kijing, West Kalimantan and in Sorong, Papua, both are located in an industrial area.

"We will build several new ports, but we'll focus on the Kijing and Sorong," said Elvyn, as reported from (14/12/2016).

Pelindo II plans to begin construction of the next phase of the container terminal after operating container terminals I. "Terminal I and II we built for liquid products such as gas and oil," said Elvyn.

Pelindo II also plans to build inland waterways or canals from Tanjung Priok to Bekasi in order to accelerate the distribution of goods or the logistics from the port to the factory.

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