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PLN Signs Electricity Infrastructure Development Contracts

by Sebastianus Epifany Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 15:59

MANADO - Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) (State Electricity Company/PLN) signed a development contract worth Rp 220 billion to re-add the capacity of 120 megavolt ampere (MVA) and build 212 network transmission tower of 150 kV along 149,6 kilometersirkit (kms).

The contract consisted of adding capacity of two substations (GI) of 150 kV extension, namely the addition of 30 MVA transformer at GI Tanjung Merah in Bitung city, additional 60 MVA transformer at GI Paniki in Manado city, development of GI 150 kV Molibagu (New) with transformer capacity of 30 MVA in South Bolaangmongondouw district as well as development of 150 kV transmission network in Otam - Molibagu, all in North Sulawesi province.

This is a step to build electricity infrastructure in North Sulawesi and Gorontalo (Sulutgo) interconnection systems. The signing of the contract has been made between GM PLN of North Sulawesi Development Master Unit (UIP Sulbagut), Fajar Suroyo with Director of PT Citra Riantara, Ika Andrian Najib, Operations Director of PT Baruga Asri Nusa Development, H.M. Furqon Affandi and Sony Intan, Director of PT Bangun Energi Sejahtera, on Thursday (7/9) in Manado.

"The need for electricity in the North Sulawesi & Gorontalo interconnection system continues to grow, therefore, the additional capacity of the 120 MVA transformer and the construction of the 150 kV Otam - Molibagu transmission network is indispensable as a form of Government attention in the provision of electricity infrastructure. This should be our commitment," said Fajar Suroyo as reported from press release in (12/9).

The transformer capacity at GI 150kV Tanjung Merah currently operated by PLN (existing) is 30 MVA and will be added 1 unit of 30 MVA transformer, so the capacity of Tanjung Merah GI will be 60 MVA. For Transformers in GI Paniki currently has a capacity of 30 MVA, it will be added to 1 unit of 60 MVA transformer so that later transformer capacity in GI Paniki will be 90 MVA. For GI Molibagu (New) will have a transformer with a capacity of 30 MVA.

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