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Siemens introduces Simatic PCS 7 V9.0 to Support Infrastructure Project

by Sebastianus Epifany Thursday, September 7, 2017 - 11:34

JAKARTA - Siemens Indonesia introduces Simatic PCS 7 Version 9.0 to support various infrastructure and power plant projects in Indonesia. The software also comes with extensive innovations offering greater productivity and flexibility for plant operators and maintenance personnel. Two sectors that particularly benefit from this state-of-the-art technology are the energy sector and the transportation sector that are essentially also the main drivers of economic development in Indonesia.

In the energy sector, the software can increase the required capacity to control load management system, utilities, operation, and maintenance more efficiently. Meanwhile, in the transportation sector, the software can improve the power management at the substation for the railway electrification systems. Plant operators will also benefit from greater flexibility, convenience, and wide-ranging compatibility with legacy installations.

"Currently, the government of Indonesia is focusing on the development of key infrastructures such as transportation and energy. By introducing this software to the Indonesian market, we expect the development of various infrastructure and industrial process to be more secure and efficient in the future," stated Danu Setyo Nugroho, Head of Process Automation, PT Siemens Indonesia in the press release.

Moreover, Simatic PCS 7 Version 9.0 can also support process industry in controlling operation, monitoring as well as reporting. The process industry is now facing several challenges on how to maintain continuous operation and consistent product quality while reducing plant costs. In this regard, the software and the new I/O line ET 200SP HA and CFU play an important role in meeting those challenges as it enables quicker response to the constantly changing market requirements through its user-friendliness, high system availability, investment security, future-safe technology, and a reduced total cost of ownership.

As a hardware, SIMATIC PCS 7 Version 9.0 is based on the world's leading industry standard for data communication over industrial Ethernet or known as PROFINET. PROFINET is the established standard for industrial networking in automation that has helped to propel the digital transformation of infrastructure development and process industry by providing the prerequisites for powerful, plant-wide communication in real time, which is indispensable in the current era of big data.

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