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Infrastructure in the U.S Still Lags Behind Japan and China

by Sebastianus Epifany Friday, November 25, 2016 - 11:43

JAKARTA - United States of America (U.S) has become one of the superpower countries with a high level of progress in the world. However according to the Finance Minister of the Republic of Indonesia Sri Mulyani Indrawati, infrastructure in the US still lags behind Asian countries such as Japan and China.

It is described by Sri Mulyani in Indonesia PPP Day 2016 event at the Westin Hotel, South Jakarta, Thursday (24/11/2016).

"6 months ago I was in the United States campaign theme of building infrastructure, that infrastructure in the United States is old. If it landed in New York or Washington DC is nothing more convenient than landing in Shanghai or Beijing," said Sri Mulyani as reported from today (25/11/2016).

Not only that, Sri Mulyani also compares the convenience of public transportation in the US which left behind Japan and China. "Metro in the United States grungier than Japan or China," he said, so in terms of infrastructure, according to Sri Mulyani, the US inferior to Japan and China.

"So if they feel the US economy size is the largest in the world, it's not competing for infrastructure," concludes Sri Mulyani.

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