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Telkom is Raising Awareness about Cybersecurity

by Jonathan Cohen Wednesday, August 1, 2018 - 14:58

PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) is raising awareness among all Chief Information & Security Officers from several sectors about the importance of cybersecurity and national defense in the digital era, especially entering industry 4.0 era where every industry sectors are based on Internet of Things (IoT).

In his welcome speech in ASEAN CISO Forum 2018, Ministry of Communication and Informatics Indonesia, Rudiantara, said that with ICT being developed fast, cybersecurity now has become one of the Government’s main agenda, as reported by (8/1).

“The biggest challenge from cybersecurity and digital transformation generally is the capability of the operating person in dealing with cyber attacks. I hope ACIOA is able to contribute in terms of providing the right talent especially for ASEAN region,” said Rudiantara.

Vice President ACIOA, Hammam Riza, explained that for ASEAN to enter industry 4.0 era, a cyber-physical system from every important infrastructure such as energy and transportation must be prepared well.

“ACIOA wants to build synergy and partnerships with all parties in realizing cyberworld-safe ASEAN and has global competitiveness. ASEAN CISO Forum is intended to raise ideas offered by Chief Information Security both from industry or government in order to build synergy in creating ASEAN cybersecurity,” said Hammam Riza.   

On the same occasion, Digital & Strategic Portfolio Director of Telkom, David Bangun, affirmed Telkom’s support to ASEAN CISO Forum 2018.

“As a digital telecommunication company, Telkom will always support every activity related to globalization and technology innovation, especially the one that has an impact to digital ecosystem, including cybersecurity,” said David.

Telkom as a broadband and digital service provider sees cybersecurity as a top priority in this digital era.

“Indonesia is now globally one of the countries with the most targeted cyber attacks and also the highest source of cyber attacks. National cybersecurity becomes a very urgent matter. We hope through this event, ASEAN CISO FORUM, every stakeholder could produce ideas and concrete steps for national cybersecurity protection to support industry 4.0 era and national digital economy,” David said.

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