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Contribution of Vantage Infrastructure Indonesia for Infrastructure Development

by Sebastianus Epifany Thursday, October 19, 2017 - 11:49

JAKARTA - The focus of the Indonesian government to build Infrastructure evenly across the country needs the support of the best tools and technologies. Therefore PT Vantage Infrastructure Indonesia comes with a variety of new technologies to be applied to support the development of infrastructure projects in the country.

This is explained directly by Heryanto Saputra, Director of PT Vantage Infrastructure Indonesia to on Friday (15/9/17). He revealed that his company is focusing on introducing a variety of new technologies that are relevant to be applied in this country.

"We have an auto leveling system for asphalting on the highway, especially on toll roads or other roads. With this tool, we can more effectively use material especially for the process of time from the preparation of the work itself, in terms of results we dare to guarantee a very nice flatness. Flats with plus-minus tolerance about 2-3 millimeters," said Heryanto Saputra.

He added that this tool has been used in Indonesia, "The results are indeed proven in accordance with what we have stated in theory."

More details Heryanto also explained that his company has impulse convection technology for soil compaction process or embankment. "Lastly we are invited, still ongoing process communication with Waskita for toll road project in Java, then HK, Hutama Karya, for the trans-Sumatra project where they struggle to build a highway there with conditions that we can see quite a heavy challenge," he explained.

Heryanto explained that the company has a concrete batching plant from the Czech Republic, European product, a famous German mixer, BHS, which produces optimal concrete according to the specifications offered. Vantage Infrastructure Indonesia also provides a full matic batching plant, a supermobile mixer on trucks that can reach remote areas, destined for short-term projects, or just hours, to produce optimum output.

"We also have additives asphalt chemical, soil stabilization chemical to further improve the quality of soil compaction as well as the quality of the asphalt itself," he explained.

Heryanto Saputra explained simply that the main mission of Vantage Infrastructure Indonesia is to help contribute to Indonesia in terms of infrastructure development process, be it roads, dams, or other by creating products or results in accordance with expectations.

"This is in accordance with the vision and mission of our president, Mr. Jokowi, he clearly makes sure we have to construct like how we want, in accordance with expectations, no matter what the cost is required, so we can produce a good products with long lasting life, longer life, and with that our competition will be better with other countries, " conclude Heryanto.

The best products of Vantage Infrastructure Indonesia will also present at the Konstruksi Indonesia and The Big 5 Construct Indonesia which will be held on 8-10 November 2017 at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). It will be co-location with Indonesia Infrastructure Week (IIW) 2017 which made this event as the largest Infrastructure and Construction exhibition and conference in Indonesia.

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