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Dahua Showcase Best Products and Technology at IIW 2017

by Sebastianus Epifany Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 10:56

JAKARTA - Indonesia Infrastructure Week (IIW) 2017 and Konstruksi Indonesia - The Big 5 Construct Indonesia (KIBIG5) 2017 which held on 8-10 November 2017 at the Jakarta Convention Center presents a variety of products and latest technological innovations in the infrastructure construction sector, one of them is from Dahua Technology.

Dahua Technology, the largest video surveillance manufacturer distributed by PT. Pasifik Teknologi Indonesia presents a variety of solutions that support the concept of Smart & Safe City, including Mobile Solution, Traffic Enforcement System, Smart Parking, Industrial, Banking, Intelligent Building and many others.

Reviewing the latest technologies presented by Dahua Technology, Infrastructure Asia Online gets an explanation from Benny Susanto, Dahua Technical Support Engineer for Indonesia. "For our new features, there is an EpoE. By using camera products from Dahua which already support EpOE so the switch support can also up to 800 meters. This is special.

Benny also revealed that in Dahua booth there is a sophisticated Drone that can fly up to 35 minutes. "Actually, our drones are not for photographs but for monitoring, the camera can conduct a thermal test from the camera at the bottom of the drone, so it can detect body heat or fire detection, there is one more camera and speakers. So suppose there is an announcement, for example, there is an earthquake or something, the user can run this drone for broadcast audio."

Benny also explained that the most special feature of the Drone is geofencing, a special sensor that makes the drone recognize the wall so it could avoid collisions when near the wall. Even the drones can also return by itself when there is a 'loss connection' from the remote.

Not only that, Dahua Technology also presents Speed Dome which has the advantage of 48 times optical zoom using PFA technology (Pre Focus Algorithm).

"If the ordinary Dome speed camera has autofocus but has to search first focus. By this model from Dahua, it can do zooming and the results are immediately clear without having to look for focus. This also has a rain sensor, so this camera is supported with wiper, so if the wiper from the previous product still triggers by schedule or manual, this camera already equipped with automatic wiper trigger when exposed to rainwater," he concluded.

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