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Engineer Database will be Created to Support Infrastructure Development

by Jonathan Cohen Thursday, January 24, 2019 - 14:15

Jakarta – Indonesian Engineers Association (PII) will create a database system which is an engineering database through a digital platform. This to prepares the Human Resource (SDM) to support the government’s infrastructure program.

Head of PII Heru Dewanto said the database is to know exactly how much engineer available inside the country. Right now, there is no one that can make sure how much the number is in Indonesia.

Heru added the human resource roadmap development must match with the government’s national infrastructure development roadmap.

“So, with the database, we could know how many engineer. From that, it will be easier for us to map or to prepare the human resource with the right field to support the infrastructure development,” Heru said on his statement, Wednesday (1/23/2019) as reported by

Heru expressed, all this time there is no database because it is not necessary for engineer to register and have a certificate. Even though, Heru added, this matter has been regulated in the Constitution No. 11/2014 about Engineering.

He explained an advance infrastructure development must be supported with integrated planning and strategy to maximize the country’s value chain capacity.

“Right now we have time to make more integrated planning and strategy to maximize the nation’s potential, be it engineer resource, contractor, developer, industry, and so on,” he said.

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