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Mortar Foam, New Technology Used in Overpass Manahan's Project

by Jonathan Cohen Friday, August 3, 2018 - 16:21

Overpass Manahan Solo now is currently under construction. The construction of this overpass is using a new technology called mortar foam.

Aditya Handoko, K3 Section of PT Yasa Patria Perkasa as the project’s contractor said that this new technology is being implemented in 3 road projects, which are Antapani Bandung, Bandung Kota, and also Solo.

He said, if compared with the previous method which is casting, mortar foam is seen to be more advanced.

“So it is according to the recommendation of the Center for Research and Development of Roads and Bridges (Pusjatan), and this technology is also more eco-friendly,” he said, as reported by (7/31).

Aditya expressed, casting has the potential to pollute the environment. But if using mortar foam according to Pusjatan, this would not cause pollution.

Even so, Aditya said that technically the new method will be different from concrete. Because, mortar foam technology only uses mortar, cement, water, and mixed with foam.

“The hoarding process is expected to run for about 2 weeks, later will be followed with corrugated, and at the end of August we will do the erection girder,” he said.

Furthermore, he explained that there are five girders connected between the poles in the north and south of Manahan Solo rail.

“The process now is 49%. On October this year, we believe that the project will be finished,” he said.

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