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The Number of Indonesian Internet Users has Increased in 2017

by Sebastianus Epifany Wednesday, February 21, 2018 - 10:50

JAKARTA - Indonesian Internet Service Provider Association (APJII) has conducted a survey of internet users' penetration and behaviour in Indonesia. The results were announced on Monday (19/02), in Jakarta, where the number of internet users in 2017 has reached 143,26 million people or equivalent to 54,68 percent of the total population of Indonesia.

The number of Internet users showed an increase of 10,56 million people from the results of the survey in 2016. Therefore, the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) of the Republic of Indonesia represented by Director General of Aptika Semuel A. Pangerapan give appreciation to APJII.

Based on a report from (21/2), Semuel explained that the survey result data is very useful for the picture of Kominfo in pursuing the target of network internet distribution. "The acceleration of broadband development will continue to be done," he said.

Semuel said, it can be estimated that the number of internet users will increase. This is due to the availability of the internet in Indonesia will be evenly distributed due to the construction of the Palapa Ring which will be completed soon.

In addition, Semuel also mentioned, the data can be useful for all parties, especially the industry players in Indonesia.

On the other hand, APJII Secretary General Henri Kasyfi Soemartono said the increase was due to infrastructure development which made it easier for people to access internet services.

The composition of internet users by gender consists of 48,57 percent of women, and men as much as 51,43 percent. For age based compositions, the largest number is shown by people aged 19 - 34, at 49,52 percent. But for the largest penetration is at the age of 13-18, ie by 75,50 percent.

While the second largest internet user penetration rate based on the economic level, which is in the lower middle society respectively 74,62 percent, and the upper middle society of 16,02 percent. It shows today that the benefits of the internet are not only accessible by the upper class only.

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