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Secured by Technology

by Jonathan Cohen Friday, November 2, 2018 - 10:36

Jakarta – The Principal Founder of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates once said, “we are changing the world with technology.” If we take a step back to 20 years ago and compare it with the current state of development, the improvements in technology will seem even more drastic. It has touched every aspect in our life including communication, social engagement, work/business process, and not to mention security and safety.

In terms of security, we now have closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs). The arrival of CCTV, while not perfect, has definitely contributed to the surveillance landscape. Today, we have something more advance to better tap on the CCTV footages. Meet Hitachi’s Security System, which uses a detection and tracking technology alongside Artificial Intelligence (AI) to distinguish an individual in real-time using features from over 100 categories of external characteristics such as gender, clothing colour, carried items, behaviour and more. Through this technology, it will be possible to detect a suspicious individual or lost child using information preferences through public security cameras in various facilities. As a platinum sponsor, Hitachi is showcasing this technology at its exhibiting booth on Indonesia Infrastructure Week 2018.

To ensure safety, measures such as security camera surveillance and security guard patrol are being implemented in public areas. However, to handle emergencies, it is important to be able to immediately close-in on images of a suspicious person or a lost child based on eye-witness accounts. This allows a real-time location of the said individual through the use of a wide-area surveillance camera network.

Some existing challenges include the difficulty in screening images manually with limited staff, the inability of surveillance cameras in capturing clear facial features due to poor lighting or angles, as well as limited eye-witness accounts. Other problems include the possibility of many people wearing a similar colour of clothing. To overcome this challenge, Hitachi applied AI to distinguish an individual in real-time using multiple features.

This reliable system allows a high level of protection of critical infrastructures, including but not limited to power plants, oil pipelines, harbours, and airports. It delivers a total situational awareness in the area around the critical infrastructure, thereby increasing the reaction time to cope with emergencies.

In Indonesia, Hitachi has been working hand-in-hand with Telkom group to generate brand awareness of the security system. A Proof of Concept has been done in the Presidential Palace and Hitachi has also participated in International Monetary Fund/World Bank Annual Meeting 2018 in mid-October.


The emerging Indonesia infrastructure industry

Last August, President of Indonesian Republic Joko Widodo famously known as ‘Jokowi’ said, “From the first year, we have built a strong foundation to march for a developed Indonesia. Therefore, the government has been focusing on the acceleration of infrastructure development also an improvement in productivity and the nation’s competitiveness. We need to ensure that the country is truly working in managing and protecting all the people across Indonesia.”

Infrastructure development has been the main focus in Jokowi’s governmental era. By pushing infrastructure development across Indonesia, it is hoped that Indonesia will add value to every region in the country, and also grow into a new economic center.

By showing its sophisticated security technology, Hitachi aims to deliver comprehensive infrastructure and security solutions by innovating technologies and systems, through co-creation with all relevant stakeholders. By contributing towards Indonesia’s infrastructure industry, Hitachi expresses its support towards the emerging infrastructure that the government is pushing to improve.

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