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The Role of Artha Industrial Hill Industrial Area For Economic Development

by Sebastianus Epifany Friday, October 20, 2017 - 16:38

JAKARTA - Indonesia is racing against time to develop construction and boost economic growth amid the global economic slowdown. To support it, it takes the existence of an industrial area that has various strategic roles for the progress of the industry and the country's economy.

The importance of the industrial estate's role in economic and industrial development is described in detail by Jasin Yabanto, Vice President Commercial Director of Artha Industrial Hill. In an interview with Infrastructure Asia Online (19/10/17) he explained, "The industrial area plays a strategic role as one of the providers of infrastructure facility facilities in order to increase the growth of new investments in Indonesia, especially in the industry sector, which has a positive impact on the increase of government revenue both local government and central government, and be able to provide a wide range of new work field."

More details Jasin Yabanto explains that the existence of industrial estates can also realize decentralized industrial development throughout the region, support the improvement of overall environmental quality, and can eliminate land use conflicts.

He also revealed that the Indonesian government's focus on developing priority infrastructure was influential for Artha Industrial Hill. Jasin Yabanto explained that the construction of Elevated Toll II infrastructure in Jakarta-Cikampek, West Java International Airport and Patimban Subang Port will facilitate transportation to and from industrial areas. "The export/import facility is closer and smoother than the existing infrastructure," he explained.

Artha Industrial Hill is an environmentally friendly industrial area developed by PT Bumi Anugerah Makmur on an area of approximately 390 Ha, in West Karawang, West Java. This industrial zone presents a variety of advantages, one of which is a strategic location because it is located in the centre of Jakarta - Bandung economic corridor with direct access toll roads.

As an industrial area that has an important role in the economic development of the country, Artha Industrial Hill also has its own target in every year. "This year's marketing target is the land plot of the industrial area of Artha Industrial Hill in Block A & B area of 730.000 m2," said Jasin Yabanto explained Artha Industrial Hill target this year.

Artha Industrial Hill as an industrial area is specially designed, complete with various infrastructure and facilities of international standard and has implemented Sustainability Environment Development through Green environment & Pollutant control. The tenants at Artha Industrial Hill are provided with the best facilities ranging from clean water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, electricity, gas and telecommunications, 24-hour security service, fire brigade protection to jogging trail and green areas. All of this makes Artha Industrial Hill the best choice for to grow business and investment.

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