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Have the Best Infrastructure, City of Makassar Wins the National Award

by Sebastianus Epifany Tuesday, December 6, 2016 - 16:33

JAKARTA - Tourism Minister of the Republic of Indonesia gave the national award to the city of Makassar as the best City with the highest rating in the aspect of tourism supporting infrastructure. This award has given in the national coordination meeting (Rakornas) of Tourism IV in Grand Ballroom of Sultan Hotel Jakarta on Tuesday (6/12/2016).

Head of Tourism and Creative Economy of Makassar, Rusmayani Madjid representing the Mayor of Makassar, Danny Pomanto in receiving the award and declare one more recognition from the Central Government to the city of Makassar.

"Where on this assessment the Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with the central research and development in 2016 has conducted index measurement of tourism in 505 District Municipality by combining 4-dimensional ie, Dimensional of business environment support, Tourism management, Tourism Supporting Infrastructure as well as the dimensions of the potential of nature tourism and artificial tourism," said Rusmayani, as reported from, Tuesday (12/06/2016).

Rusmayani found the measurement results of each dimension has been accumulated and set the 10 highest ranked Indonesian Tourism Index. He added that this award is not an end but this is a reminder that whatever the Makassar city government so far has been on track.

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