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Raja Ampat Infrastructure Prioritized to be Developed

by Sebastianus Epifany Monday, June 12, 2017 - 14:07

JAKARTA - Raja Ampat in eastern Indonesia has been known to have beautiful natural scenery. To that end, the Raja Ampat district government in West Papua is trying to increase the support of tourism sector in the region to facilitate the tourists who want to visit.

The Raja Ampat district government has set priorities for developing supporting infrastructure. In addition to Waisai Airport, the government is also working to improve roads that connect tourists with the existing lodging there.

"If Tourism is not accompanied with the convenient supporting facilities, including the safety factor, people will wary once they visit Raja Ampat, we do not want that," said Raja Ampat regent Abdul  Faris Umlati, as reported from (12/6/2017).

Related to the development of the airport, the current constraints relate to the status of conservation forest areas that became the location of Waisai Airport.

"About 98 percent of the Raja Ampat area is a conservation area, it needs central intervention to change some of the area status, so it can be used to develop the airport," he said.

In addition to spurring infrastructure, Raja Ampat District Government also continues to conduct promotional activities, especially for objects that have not been known to many tourists. In addition to marine tourism, he said, Raja Ampat has other tourism objects such as jellyfish lake and bird tourism. In this archipelago area, there are many Papuan endemic birds that can not be found in other areas.

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