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West Sumatera Allocated Rp4,841 Billion for Tourism Development

by Sebastianus Epifany Thursday, November 17, 2016 - 10:49

JAKARTA - The Government of West Sumatera Province proposes a budget of Rp 4,841 billion for the development of tourism sector, including the cost of conducting Tour de Singkarak (TdS) 2017.

"The budget that proposed will also use to  provision the tourism promotion, tourism data preparation, familiarization trip, and follow up halal promotion tourism where the West Sumatera became one of the nominations of international level of halal tourism area in Abu Dhabi," said vice Governor of West Sumatera, Nasrul Abit in Padang, as reported from

He said that the Government of West Sumatera will also increase the information services at West Sumatera Pavilion in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah and tourism event promotion for other areas.

Halal tourism is part of a tourism area that is intended primarily for Muslim travellers, where service in halal tourism refers to the rules of Islam such as the ease to worship at the venue or at tourist sites.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Association of the Indonesian Tours and Travel (Asita) of West Sumatera Ian Hanafiyyah assess the local communities and governments is having a big role in the success of halal tourism destination.

"Halal tourism is not just about the halal and haram food, but also the cleanliness and health of their raw materials," he said.

In addition, people should behave polite and friendly to tourists who come so the concept of halal tourism can also be seen from the good behaviour of people. The cleanliness is also a concern that should be focused because it is characteristic of Muslim society.

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